My Very First Blog Post: It’s about time!

Hello, blog world!

I’ve co-written blogs, I’ve written two books and started about sixty-three, but this is my first-ever personal blog. I feel it’s necessary to share my novel that is published, although like most completely new, inexperienced, and non-fameous authors I’m a little introverted and cringe with nervousness almost every time I pitch my book:

The Good Ship Wanderer

Good Ship 1-1

Desperately lost, Laysa has no choice but to join the people she has always believed are monsters, to seek refuge as the servant of a frightening warrior and, inevitably, to wonder if she herself is good or evil.

I’d love to hear from other new authors in my position who are just coming up with a book-marketing strategy. I’m not necessarily seeking advice (although I love advice) but a fellow newbie with whom to share ideas, failures, and successes! If you are such a writer, please let me know.

Because I fall victim to going off on tangents and constantly getting involved in new hobbies, I’m going to promise to only blog about the following categories: Writing and books – particularly science fiction and fantasy – Travel/adventure, and (possibly) foster care and adoption. This may change, but I’ll try my hardest not to stray! The first two are related to my novel, and the third is very close to my heart.

I’m looking for beta readers for my second book, so if you like YA adventure or science fiction, let me know. I’d love to send you a PDF.









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